The Christian Public Servant – “take God with you”

July 18, 2017 – Tuesday

1 Peter 5:7 [GNT] Leave all your worries with him, because he cares for you.

Deuteronomy 31:6 [GNT] Be determined and confident. Do not be afraid of them. Your God, the Lord himself, will be with you. He will not fail you or abandon you.

This summer I’ve moved 15 hours from home to take an internship in my nation’s capital. The path I’m on is where I want to be, and so I was eager to begin this adventure. However, when I moved in and settled down into the routine of work, the excitement started to diminish. It wasn’t anything about the job. It was just that I started to feel like a “small-town boy” in a big city. This feeling of being in a strange place seemed overwhelming. Although everyone at the office was nice to the “new kid,” I felt alone.

Then I realized something. As a child of God, I have the luxury of never being alone. Scripture reminds me that I will not be abandoned – if I acknowledge God’s presence within me every day. And guess what? My confidence started to build, and the excitement is back!

Do you have an internship? Have you started a new position with a different agency? Are you working in a strange city? A new job is always exciting, offering both challenges and opportunities. Each day will be filled with unique struggles and the busyness of work. Remember, it is important to take God with you on the new adventure. After all, He cares about you!

Yes, today leave your worries with Him. You will not feel alone at work – if you take God with you!

Almighty Lord, thank You for never abandoning me through challenging times. Please help me use this ultimate love You have shown me to show love and compassion to others in need. In Your holy name, I pray. Amen.

Stephen W.G. Chavez
Legislative Intern
Office of Senator Roger Wicker
Washington, D.C. USA
and Undergraduate
Department of Policy Leadership
Trent Lott Leadership Institute
University of Mississippi
Oxford, Mississippi USA

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