The Christian Public Servant – “for all the hurt and all the joy”

August 10, 2017 – Thursday

John 11:35 [NIV] Jesus wept.

Why do you weep? If you’re like me, you weep for all sorts of reasons. Unmet expectations. Being sad, hurt, frustrated. Being fired or not getting that one job you really wanted. An illness bringing pain to body, mind, and soul. A disease shortening retirement plans. However, you and I also weep when we are overwhelmed with joy about a wedding or many anniversaries; encouraged by career success, proud of job accomplishments; blessed by family and friends. Yes, we weep for a lot of reasons.

Scripture tells us that Jesus wept because he loved Lazarus. But He wept for much more than what meets the eye. Jesus wept for us – thousands of years before we were born. And Jesus still weeps for you and me – for all the hurt and all the joy we face.

What a Savior! He weeps for the same things we do. He has indeed walked it out. His heart knows what it’s like to have no words, just tears. He knows what it’s like to have unmet expectations. He knows what it’s like to be overwhelmed with joy in the midst of a blessing. What does that tell us?

When you go to work today, remember Jesus is weeping for everything that happens to you. That very positive performance appraisal – He is weeping for joy! That promotion you did not get – He is weeping for your hurt. In the breakroom, whether you talk about the upcoming marriage of your youngest child or the problems you’re having with dental implants and crowns – He is weeping.

Today at work, be comforted in knowing He is weeping for you – everything about youfor all the hurt and all the joy you face. Remember, Jesus loves you so much, He weeps for you.

And He is there with you through it all!

Lord, thank You for tears that cleanse my soul. Thank You for Your great love in every situation. I pray to be more like You. I pray to weep for everyone I see. In Your name, I pray. Amen.

Kathryn Saunders
Head Soccer Coach
Texas Southern University
Houston, Texas USA

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