The Christian Public Servant – “stillness…. quiet…. peace….”


September 27, 2017 – Wednesday

Job 3:26 [HCSB] I cannot relax or be still; I have no rest, for trouble comes.

stillness…. quiet…. peace…. 

My heart longs for serenity yet I find I have no rest.

Budget cuts reduce staffing until everyone is working at least a job-and-a-half. Overtime – a requirement rather than a choice. Morale is low. Everyone is just – so – tired. The only comfort I have is the hope that my staff really sees me working as hard as they.

It feels absurd to suggest they or I should take time during the day for reflection when I know such precious time simply doesn’t exist. Leadership includes crisis management but, dear Lord, there must be more! I mean, it cannot only be a reactive process.

stillness…. quiet…. peace…. Insisting that these words become of integral value for today will help assure I have the focused-center to be a good administrator. Making these words become of integral value for my staff’s day will certainly help them tackle the impossible tasks I must lay before them.

And when I finally secure the resources they need to do their jobs, I will be mindful of their need for such things as time-off, real vacations, and even professional development!

But for today, I promise I will find each a few minutes of unexpected stillness…. quiet…. peace….

How about you? What integral values will help shape your workday? Stress? Anxiety? Fear? Or will you drape at least part of the workday in stillness…. quiet…. peace…. 

Father, show me how to be still today – quiet and in peace – to allow You to transform me into who and what You call me to be. Help me learn not to borrow trouble and to be faithful to Your word. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Stephanie L. Bellar, Ph.D.
University of Central Arkansas
Conway, Arkansas USA

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