The Christian Public Servant – “entangled in the affairs”


October 27, 2017 – Friday


2 Timothy 2:4 [NIV] No one serving as a soldier gets entangled in civilian affairs, but rather tries to please his commanding officer.


A couple of weeks ago, a prison ministry held a two-day event here on Life Row. As I helped the free-world team in the background, one of the ministers decided to bend my ear for the entire two days about everything going wrong in her life. Now, I am a great listener, but my spirit can only take so much. She just got so entangled in the affairs of the day, while I was trying my best to be a soldier for Christ.

Scripture reminds us not to get entangled in the affairs of life. Instead, we need to stay focused on being a soldier for Christ, and to please Him.

Ever work with someone who grumbles constantly? Maybe it’s you? Always complaining “this” is not right or “that” is wrong. Always questioning what “he” is doing or what “she” is not doing. It is enough to break your spirit.

Today at work, don’t ignore that coworker, but find a way to block out all the complaining. You are a soldier for Christ, so stay on constant guard for the enemy and be ever-watchful for that one person who is truly drowning and needs help. You cannot do His work with a broken spirit.

So at work today, do not get entangled in the affairs that come your way – especially the affairs of the coworker next to you. Help those who are entangled get refocused. Let Jesus flow throughout the workday!


Father, in the name of Jesus, I pray. Thank You for keeping me focused so I won’t get caught up in the affairs of the day. Amen.

Jimmy Davis, Jr.
Z-557 Unit N-10
Death Row
Holman Correctional Facility
Alabama Department of Corrections
Atmore, Alabama USA


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