The Christian Public Servant – “starts with a praise”

book cover - Christ in Job & Career

November 27, 2017 – Monday


Ephesians 2:10 [NLT] For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do good things he planned for us long ago.


This week starts with praise! Since 2012, our Lord has permitted The Christian Public Servant to be one of His instruments in the workplace. And, for the third straight year, our Lord has permitted the coeditors to publish the devotionals as a hard copy book through Emeth Press.

This year’s version is titled Christ in Job and Career: Daily Devotions for Christians at Work (Emeth Press). The coeditors are donating all royalties to one or more Christian ministries. So, we are not making any money by alerting you of this publication.

But if you know someone who could use a hard copy of a workplace devotional, or perhaps that person is you, we invite you to purchase the book. To order a copy (or two!), go to either Amazon or the Emeth Press website. You will bless the person who receives it for Christmas, and you will bless a Christian ministry that will receive the royalties.

And hey! If you write a devotional this year for The Christian Public Servant electronic ministry, it will appear in the book version next year. So perhaps you are called to write one? Perhaps one per month? If so, contact me at, and I will send you a tip sheet.

The coeditors of this new book, Christ in Job and Career: Daily Devotions for Christians at Work, are truly blessed to be a part of His good things! And that is why this week starts with a praise!


Father God, I praise You for blessing me with this ministry. I ask that You use it to create Your masterpiece in the hearts of the faithful. In Your Son’s name, I pray. Amen.

James D. Slack, Ph.D., Ph.D.
Jackson State University
Jackson, Mississippi USA


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