The Christian Public Servant – “the boredom of retirement passes”

bored retiree

January 4, 2018 – Thursday


Proverbs 23:20(a) [NLT] Do not carouse with drunkards


Ah, retirement!

I retired several years ago, and I moved to where many retirees dream about – a very sunny and warm region of my country. And like every retiree down here, I moved to do all those things I couldn’t do when I had to work. Spending time on the beach. Visiting new cities. Going to festivals. Fishing on the peer. Just living a wonderful retirement life – day after day after day.

But for many retirees, something happens during those wonderful days. Boredom sets in. You start to wonder what to do this morning, this afternoon, this evening. What will you do tomorrow? Then alcohol begins to consume the day and night. Before you know it, drinking becomes the center of your so-called wonderful day.

This happened to me when I first got here. Many of my new friends became drinking buddies. An invitation to visit your next-door neighbor became a platform for many drinks. But then I met a Christian lady, and she showed me the boredom of retirement passes when I follow Christ. Oh, I still enjoy the sun and beach. And I still enjoy a scotch in the evening. But I now see other paths – tasks at church and ministry and just helping others – that take away the boredom.

I still see some of my old drinking buddies, but I limit the time and drink with them. I now sip and make that drink last as I talk about how Christ is changing my life. And guess what? Some are interested in learning more!

In planning retirement, pursue your dreams and move where you can. But don’t be surprised if you become bored despite all your dreams and all that sun. Don’t be surprised if boredom tempts you to drink more than you expect. Just remember, the boredom of retirement passes when you follow Christ.

Ah, retirement! Yes, the boredom of retirement passes only through Christ.


Dear Father, thank You for leading me to a much happier retirement life. Keep Your hand on my shoulder to insure I do not stray. In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.

Michael A. Slack
Now Happily Retired
Fort Meyers, Florida USA

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