The Christian Public Servant – “pay attention to Him”

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January 24, 2018 – Wednesday


Proverbs 15:3(a) [NASB] The eyes of the LORD are in every place

Isaiah 46:4(b) [NASB] and I will carry you

1 Thessalonians 5:24(a) [NASB] Faithful is He who calls you


Seems like yesterday and, at the same time, forever ago. The phone rang at work. It was the babysitter: “Come home. Your son was killed.” Dusty was just four years-old, ran out in front of a truck, and suddenly my universe changed. Going through a divorce at that time and, despite my six-year-old daughter, I felt all alone. And then came the transfer that took my job hundreds of miles away from my daughter. I became depressed. I thought my life had ended. And I knew I was all alone. Throughout all of this, I did not see God. I was sure He wasn’t paying attention to me. I was certain He did not care about me.

It wasn’t until decades later, when I became a practicing Christian, that I started to figure things out. God was there, and He was paying attention to me. He was watching over me when He called my son Home. He was paying attention when He had my company transfer me into a totally new setting. He even introduced me to a wonderful church in my new town. He made it possible for my daughter to visit, and eventually come to live with me. He was paying attention when He surrounded me with caring friends. He did pay attention to me, but I did not pay attention to Him – right up to the time I accepted Jesus as my savior. And now, I understand a lot about how He is carrying my son, my family, and me.

Whatever crises face your family – wherever the job forces you to go – scripture reminds you that God is paying attention. You are not alone. You just need to pay attention to Him!

Today at work, that phone may ring for you. Whatever the message, know He is watching you. Know He is carrying you. Know He is faithful to you. Whatever the crisis, pay attention to Him.


Dear Father, thank You for always being there and paying attention to my problems. Thank You for the courage to pay attention to You. In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.

Michael A. Slack
retired and paying attention to Him
Fort Meyers, Florida USA

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