The Christian Public Servant – “really devoted to Jesus”

praying at work11

April 12, 2018 – Thursday


Acts 2:42 [NIV] They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.


While some may have to work overtime, most employee contracts call for an 8-hour day. As the end of the workday draws near, we start to think of other things. Happy hour. Family & friends. Shopping. The game on T.V. Putzing around. Yup, Me-time! That’s what we tend to think about. We love ourselves with enthusiasm, and sometimes Jesus gets lost in the shuffle.

Scripture calls each of us to be devoted, but perhaps we should concentrate on what that word means – to give oneself entirely, to be selflessly loyal and dedicated.

Most of us are devoted to doing our tasks at work, and many are devoted to advancing their careers. And, naturally, we engage in Me-time – our health and our families depend on it.

But are we really Believers devoted to Jesus? Do you and I have other gods before Him? In career, in appearance, in the bank account, in fun, in family and friends, or even in reputation? Sure, we read our devotions, perhaps take time to engage in the Word during the week, and go to Church on Sundays. But are we really devoted to Jesus – aligning all our priorities and actions with His teachings – before work, at work, and after work?

Today make sure you are really devoted to Jesus. Have fun, but find ways to break bread and pray with others. Enjoy family and friends after work, but find ways to fellowship throughout the workday. Engage in Me-time, but go that extra mile to care for a coworker – the way He cares for you. At work and away from work, use Me-time to glorify Him. Give excitement to others by sharing our Lord’s teachings and examples.

Yes, today make sure you are really devoted to Jesus. Fellowship in the Body of Christ, for it is everywhere, and pray for everyone wherever you are.


Most precious Jesus, Your passion for me is so amazing. I want to be devoted to You and to follow Your commands throughout the workday and beyond. Lord, give me a love for all Your children here at work today. In Your name, I pray. Amen.

Doug Meyer
District Engineer
Office of Drinking Water
Virginia Department of Health
Richmond Virginia USA

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