The Christian Public Servant – “someone like Sally”

praying together1

April 17, 2018 – Tuesday


2 Corinthians 5:17 [KJV] Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.


Sally is a coworker of mine. She’s a gossiper. Knowing everyone’s business, Sally might even throw in a few untrue details to juice-up the story. So I learned early, and sometimes the hard way, that any story coming from Sally’s lips was fabricated and wasn’t worth my time.

But one day in the breakroom Sally told me a different kind of story. She wanted to get saved. I didn’t believe her, but something inside led me to listen. I asked if she was serious. She had to change her entire life, including her gossiping. I explained this Jesus thing was real. Sally looked at me and said, “I know.” Well, we prayed and talked about a church.

A few weeks went by, and I finally saw Sally again in the breakroom; this time with a few other women. I assumed “same ole Sally” was back at it with “same ole stories.” But as I approached, I notice the Bible on Sally’s lap. No gossiping, she was talking about Jesus. Was this a new Sally? Could Jesus change someone like Sally? He could. In fact, He did!

Just like He saved someone like me when I was in darkness, He also saved someone like Sally! Scripture reminds us that old things pass away and all things become new. That’s something to remember today as you go to work.

Are you negatively labeling someone at work? Are you being labeled that way? No one is too far out of the reach of Christ. Take a moment and pray for salvation – the salvation of that one coworker and your own salvation. Change the label on both of you to “a child of the King”!

If He can save me and someone like Sally, then He can create newness out of anyone at work! You and that coworker.


Heavenly Father, thank You for making me a new creature. At work today, help me to help those seeking You. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.

Crystal Featherston, MPA
Management & Budget Analyst II
Department of Budget and Management Services
City of Virginia Beach
Virginia Beach, Virginia USA

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