The Christian Public Servant – “not to repay gaze for gaze”

gaze for gaze3

June 5, 2018 – Tuesday


Proverbs 4:25 [ESV] Let your eyes look directly forward, and your gaze be straight before you.


Yesterday my supervisor told me the department manager was aware of my using the computer during down-time to complete assignments for graduate school. Most coworkers in my unit sit around and talk, text on their phones, or browse the internet during down-time. I mistakenly believed working on my coursework was more productive than browsing the internet. But I guess I was wrong. And the reporting of this “offense” bothered me so much, I wanted to know who complained. The supervisor said it was a coworker, but he declined to say who. My mind began to wonder as to who it was. I eventually deemed the culprit. And I wanted to get even.

Scripture reminds us to do our jobs without gazing around and reporting on others. It doesn’t say we should neglect reporting crimes or acts of bullying or sexual harassment. No, but scripture does call for you and me to look directly forward – including in the workplace. We are not to get even. We are not to repay gaze for gaze.

I wasn’t upset with the department manager for doing his job and addressing the situation brought to his attention. I wasn’t upset with the supervisor who conveyed the infraction. I wasn’t upset with coworkers continuing to do personal things during down-time. But does scripture permit me to be upset with the coworker reporting the infraction? Does scripture call me to deem who that coworker is? Or, am I not to repay gaze for gaze. After praying, I knew I could not try to get even. I, too, had to keep looking forward and not gaze around.

At work today, someone may take issue with your actions. Whether you are right or wrong, someone may report you. Whether that coworker is right or wrong in reporting your actions, you are not to repay gaze for gaze. Do not try to get even. Just let your eyes look directly forward and not upon anyone’s desk.

This is what God wants you to do.


Lord, help me today at work not to repay gaze for gaze. Instead, help me glorify You by keeping my eyes on my own desk. In Your name, I pray. Amen.

Keidria White Parker
MPA Candidate
Belhaven University
Jackson, Mississippi USA

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